Friday, February 6, 2009

I Know You've Been Waiting for It...

This week's "Nigga Please Award" goes to...

Nadya Suleman!

This is tha dumb broad that had 8 babies in January, tha smallest of which weighed a mere pound and a half when he was born. Later, we went on to find out that this woman already had 6 children whom she lived with in her parent's home in Whittier, California. Whut tha hell? GET A HOUSE! Then have 14 kids! You don't live in your parents' house, havin' a tribe of children. It gets better... tha children range in ages from 7 to 2 years old AND Nadya ain't got no job and no husband.

My hands have been aching to slap this woman for a couple weeks now. Supposedly she only wanted to have 1 baby (to add on to tha basketball team that she already had), but ended up with 8 and it was a total surprise to her. Ummmmmm...when you do in vitro fertilization, tha chances that you will give birth to multiple children is exceedingly high! And THEN lets consider tha fact that children of multiple births often face major health and developmental issues, due to tha fact that they're usually pre mature. I mean, a 1 pound baby ain't supposed to happen! That's not normal, nor is it safe. It's wrong. I feel so, so sorry for these children. Why would you intentionally put yourself and your children at risk cause you just got to have another baby?

In an interview with Ann Curry of tha Today Show, Nadya said that she feels that she's been scrutinized and criticized more than necessary, probably because she's a single mother. Ummmmmm...YEAH! Its hard enough raising a child or two without tha benefit of having a mate to help out, so I can imagine that it's infinitely more difficult to do so with 14! Really... imagine having 14 children under tha age of 8... when would you even sleep??? Forreal. So why would you intentionally put yourself in that situation, knowing that there's no one to share tha responsibility with you? That's not even fair to your children.

Nadya says that she has "herself" to offer to her children, and so, I guess, though she may not be able to provide a lot for them as far as material things go, she just has plans on being a really great mother. Really? With 14 kids? Get real, heffa! Whut's gonna happen is that her family and probably tha slightly older children will end up looking after tha young ones most of tha time, cause lets be honest... one person cannot do it all alone. Stop it, Nadya.

I wanna see her when all 8 of them are teething and crying and have fevers and diarrhea. Or how about potty training 8 babies, with 6 others to look after. And she plans on doing all of this, while getting her Masters Degree, cause as she says, "I'll be able to provide for my children once I finish school."

Let's all say it together...



  1. Yea I saw that shit, and also blogged about it. She's trying to get a reality show, which will probably happen. The whole story is a damn shame!

  2. listen, if she has time to get her nose and lips done, she'll have time to deal with their simultaneous teething...maybe inject their gums with collagen...14 birds, one stone?

  3. Hi. This whole story of this lady really angered me when I first heard... I feel so sorry for those little kids. *sigh*

    I just think she is exceedingly selfish. I also found out that she told someone when asked how she's able to afford having these in vitro treatments...she responds with, "Im being paid to have them" or something to that effect. It serves her right because when so many kids are born to one mother en masse like that, the gov't provides a lot of stuff for free. She's so selfish.

    Oh! And she knew about the number she was having (well she thought she was just having 7) and the doctors asked her if she wanted to get rid of a few embryos since they all seemed to take and this heffa said "no". She knew. smh indeed....

    I blame everyone in this situation. I mean when u want to adopt kids, adoption agencies do a helluva job screening families and whatnot. They do the same thing with I kept wondering why this was givin a go considering she already had 6 kids (also through in vitro), wasnt married,unemployed, and was living at home). Everyone takes an L for this travesty! smh...

  4. who was the doc that performed this shenanigan?