Monday, December 1, 2014

White America Does Not Want to See a Zombie Apocalypse (Video)

You all have Mahogany L. Browne to thank for the fact that this video exists. I wrote the poem and was just going to be done with it. But she told me to record it to be a part of an incredible collection of poems and a movement known as "Black Poets Speak Out". I respect my elders and try to be obedient when I can, so the next day, I recorded  this hours old poem. Shout out to my husband, who wanted to do a two camera set up and take on the task of editing the footage. Shout out to my 14 month old Rosie, who proceeded to act like a certified lunatic the moment we began filming and therefore thwarted those plans. Shout out to the pair of them, for taking a quick neighborhood walk in the rain so that I may present this poem to you without a 30 lbs human perched atop my head, shrieking. Here it is: White America Does Not Want to See a Zombie Apocalypse.