Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obviously, Un-Cool

I thought I was fly. However, I'm starting to realize that apparently I'm not...nor am I cool, cause I don't dress like this...

And not only do I not dress like that, but I don't understand how it's considered attractive. I would never leave tha house in this outfit:

Or this one:

Yet, apparently women are dressing like this on purpose and they seem to like it. Am I just being hateful? Do I not have any sense of fashion or good taste? I mean, I get this outfit:

I understand it. It makes sense to me. And this one:

And this lady right here is fly as birds:

But this sista right here look a critical mess:

All of this is really making me start to question my opinion of whut is aesthetically pleasing, nowadays. I mean, I get tha concept of "not matching" and dressing "eclectic" and even wearing vintage pieces... I happen to love vintage! But I don't see how these outfits are cohesive, attractive, or even make sense. Everyone looks like they just found these pieces somewhere and threw them all on at tha same time, if you ask me. When I leave out of tha house in tha morning, I prefer to look like I actually have a home. Should that not be my objective anymore, so as to remain current with my wardrobe choices? Any thoughts?


  1. I'm also a fan of the Satorialist and 89.3%* of the people pictured look like good mess.

    *Number is 100% made up