Wednesday, April 6, 2011


He is a man
Too big for my bed
I haven't had to share
My space in so long 
I forgot what loving 
Felt like
Flinch at hands
That caress
Without warning
A kiss on my neck
I did not calculate
A pull at my hips
Without permission
I traced my signature
On his back
So that he
Never again has to ask

I can claim him
A man
I might cut a bitch for
But won't have to
'Cause he ain't
Messy like that
I like that 
I feel safe
For the first time
My memory will
Admit to
Stubborn elephant
Giant enough 
To protect me on my own
I'm not one of those
Needy women, you know
I can carry things
Move furniture
Ride the train at night
I live in a house
Constantly creaking 
And settling
Like my own bones do

Sometime I don't know 
How to sit down
Allow a man
To work at this
Allow a man
To reflex
To hold
His hands, big enough
His ripened heart
All ready for the bulk
Of me, unabridged