Monday, April 4, 2011


When God invented sound
We are what he intended
Us with our percussion footsteps
With our gleaming trumpets
With these lungs
With these mouths
My body, a clef
His nautilus ears
A many chambered masterpiece
And all the World
Altered, added, suspended

We were born knowing how
To prism these chords
Marry triad to rustling wind  
Weave  between these trees, standing
Tambourine the leaves, changing
To know the difference
To modify the time
To open the corridors
Of our throats
Forever and ever
And never have to sleep
Or wonder

We are unrelenting
8 count enough to fill a glass
Thunder enough to break it's back
Hands enough to carry it
Destroy again

We, symphony of hearts
Bleed riffs
Like the ancients
And our mothers' mothers
Their eyes, notation
Captured in our collective memory
Like rainwater
Like morning 
Like the tingle of sunlight
Coloring us green
Growing us big
Tuning our guitar string veins
Vibrating our bones
Puzzling us into gifts shaped like children 


  1. yes to this:

    "We, symphony of hearts
    Bleed riffs"

  2. "...Puzzling us into gifts shaped like children"

    Who skip along sidewalks that were sworn to secrecy of blood shed it has witnessed and taken part in

    watching as these children sing to hiphopscotch patterns finding the right cadence to stay in the game

    As the car horn section crescendos at the climax of the day,

    you can hear Madea cleaning the greens to the drops of Holy Water and spirituals her Mothers’ Mother would sing…with no words

    Only the inner groanings speaking in a language we know not of…as ancient as Dogon

    As simply as I love you

  3. Damon! YAAAAAAAS! I love it! Thank you for sharing that. Here's the funny thing... the fact that you said "skip" is crazy, cause I originally had a line in the poem about being a skipping record, but I took it out cause I couldn't work it right. Great minds, thinking alike.

  4. Holy crap!

    Dude, this poem is FIYAH! So many great lines here, whoa! I've gotta sit down with this ...

    Are you importing your blogs into your Facebook notes? It's like blogging twice at the same time!