Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Always writing
Frictions these fingers
To a forest of bone
Grey matter gone numb
I be thinkin' too much
No ideas left
Right mind, non-directional
My art
Selects sides
Each night I blueprint
A map of my imagination
Silhouette shaped like pangea
Ripped the top from Pandora's box
To discover where the wild things are
Created a character play list
To listen to
My favorite sterotypes reenacted
Heart and head
In constant conflict
Gaza Strip esophogus 
I cannot hieroglyph a language
To prevent a dumbing down
Pig Latin is no option
I got a warrant
And I like my freedom
Gonna post a help wanted sign
In sills of my eyes
And sleep walk into the night
Looking for a runaway poem
A lost love 
Easier to recover
Sock vanished in dryer
Glitch in the Matrix
I have seen it
I have unplugged my tv
And transformed into
A well read woman
How can I anchor 
My ideas to Earth
Once I've inhaled these fine lines?
Higher than a bird
Black as a raven 
And a skilled hunter am I
So hungry 
I have broken a book's spine before
And I swear to God
I will do it again 

1 comment:

  1. Nikki, Nikki, Nikki, u musta fell off a chair or somethin' cuz u ain't neva lackin' poetic skills!!! Keep writin', risin' ... flyin'!!! Luv U!!!!!!!!!!!!