Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem

After neighbors reported hearing gun shots at about 5:30 p.m. Monday and 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, it was discovered that a Wilmington, California man had killed his wife and five children before shooting himself. I must admit that whut struck me about this was that tha family was black. Now, I'm not so naive as to think that black people don't ever kill themselves. Unfortunately, it is something that happens. But it isn't often that tha suicidal individual goes as far as to kill their entire family. This is an especially tragic situation.

Apparently, 40 year old Ervin Lupoe and his wife, Ana had both been recently terminated from their jobs at Kaiser Permanente. In a typed, 2 page suicide letter that had been faxed to a local television news station, Lupoe detailed the circumstances surrounding his and his wife's termination from their jobs and their decision to kill themselves and their children.

8-year-old Brittney, twin 5-year-old daughters, Jaszmin and Jassely and twin 2-year-old boys, Benjamin and Christian were found by officers on Tuesday morning along with their parents. All of tha victims were shot in tha head.

I'm not as sad about tha adults in tha situation as I am about these poor little babies. Consider tha fact that 1 person with one gun can only shoot one child at a time... so imagine tha terror tha others experienced as their father went from baby to baby and shot each one in tha head. I lightweight understand "not wanting to leave your children alone" and contemplating tha reality of them having to live without you, knowing that you killed yourself, being raised by someone else and all of that... but that should be reason enough for you to chose an alternative that doesn't involve taking your life. Who knows whut these children could've grown up to be. They were such a gorgeous family and tha idea that some one's circumstances were so dire that they could no longer see a way out breaks my heart.

I promise you that whutever you're going through is just for right now. Things will change... they always do. Don't ever consider taking your life to solve tha temporary problems you're having, cause that "solution" is a permanent one that can never be reversed.

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  1. what's even sadder is that two grown people thought this was their only option. i mean, one wasnt sane enough to say to the other...this is not a good idea....we have other options? !! Damn, they didnt even think to file for unemployment until they figured ish out?