Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Giving Poets a Bad Name

I hav major beef with this Professor Alexander and her poem, or rather, tha presentation of it. And I'm mad at Obama for pickin her to be tha poet for his inauguration, too. Barack and I need to hav a conversation about this. Whut was he thinkin?!?! Whut was she thinkin???

Now, don't get me wrong... I understand. It ain't easy to be Maya. As a matter of fact, its IMPOSSIBLE to be Maya, so none of us should even make an attempt. However, there are those of us that don't try to tell you why tha caged bird sings... but giv you thee biz-nus, regardless. I could rattle off a lengthy list of poets that I kno personally who woulda tore that podium up, so its bothersome to see this woman get up there and read her peice, as if she had never layed eyes on it before. Where was tha earnestness? Where was tha celebration? Where was tha muthafuckin spit kickin?!?! Spoken Word may be dead, but tha word is alive! Damn, act like you kno, Elizibeth.

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