Wednesday, March 6, 2019


By it's very nature, Patreon, is a space and resource that is not equitable, meaning that everyone cannot possibly gain access to the benefits and services provided there. Firstly, you have to have access to the internet, which is proving to be the most obvious divide between the rich and the poor. Then, you have to possess a device that allows you to make use of the internet. Finally, you have to have either a credit or debit card to pay for a subscription. All of these hoops that one has to jump through to even get to step one of subscribing could likely prove to be entirely too challenging. If you're saying to yourself, "Nikki, those are basic things," or have not considered that for many, internet, computers, smart phones, bank accounts and credit cards are just not accessible, congratulations, you have class privilege.

With that in mind, I was feeling quite convicted about the fact that the way that I had my Patreon set up was perpetuating so much of what I claim I despise. The idea of requiring people to pay moreto gain more accessto something that, I don't consider to even be optional or a luxury, but should be readily accessible and widely distributed. Yes, having been socialized under capitalism, it totally makes sense to us that the more you can pay, the more you should have -- however, that goes against everything I believe to be right. Some people don't have more than $5 of discretionary income that they can afford to spend on something that isn't food, rent, utilities, or transportation. Why should they be penalized or have access denied to something that I'm clearly already doing the labor of providing? It made no sense. It wasn't ethical.

As a result, last month, I re-vamped my Patreon subscription service to a pay what you can model. The lowest tier at which you can subscribe is $5 per month and currently, the highest is $150 per month. You know what you can afford to pay. All that I ask is that you put your money where your heart is. If you choose to subscribe, I thank you, encourage you to take full advantage of the private learning space and resources provided, and maybe tell a friend.

Contributing at the lower levels gives you access to the following:

  • Aquarterly "Experience List" loaded with thoughtfully curated resources that provide the foundation for our discussions in the private learning space
  • Access to that learning space
  • A quarterly study guide designed to challenge you in your critical thinking about and connection to our areas of exploration as we metabolize the materials in the Experience List
  • Video lectures in which I dissect and provide insight about current events and pervasive social issues as they pertain to our areas of exploration
  • My own original written work that further analyzes, interprets, and interrogates our resources
  • Access to me for any questions or further dialogue
  • Tools, goals, and inspiration to go forth and co-create a more just, equitable society.
Subscribing at the higher tiers gives you access to the same cirruculum, space, and resources. However, you have the added benefit of knowing that by contributing more, you're ensuring that I am compensated fairly for the labor and time that it takes for me to curate resources and generate exclusive content, as many subscribers may not have the means to pay more than the minimum. You can think think of it as a sort of scholarship that you're making possible. When we all contribute what we are able to in a collective effort, everyone is able to benefit and no one goes without.

I'm trying to do my part to create and live in a world where that is the expectation and the practice.

I thank you for doing your part as well.
If you would rather not subscribe but just feel compelled to support the important work that I'm doing to facilitate social change, create tools to disrupt and dismantle systems of oppression, and teach liberation through common sense and ethics, you're always welcome to make a one time contribution in any amount that you choose to

All donations no matter how lavish or modest and patronage on any level is always greatly appreciated. It's Women's History Month and I hope you're in the spirit of supporting businesses, organizations, and movements run by women as well as women artists. If not me, take your pick! There are so many of us out in the world doing great things.

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