Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Lexus Verses and Flow Season 5 Premiere is But Hours Away

Remember the time that I filmed an episode of Lexus Verses and Flow? Maybe you don't. Maybe I was quiet about it. My bad. Well, that's definitely a thing that happened. I spent a strong 12 or more hours away from my baby, which is a thing that hasn't happened since the Reconstruction Era, and I got to meet some sweet folk and say some lil' poems that I wrote. It was perfect. It was also a great honor to be invited to share my work and be amongst these poets. I hear that season 5 is something special and look forward to watching it. I hope you'll tune in as well. Lexus Verses and Flow Season 5 premieres on TV One on July 30th. Visit the Lexus Versus and Flow Facebook page for a sneak peek at the season and follow Lexus Versus and Flow on Twitter and Instagram for show updates, artist info, images, and other fun stuff.

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