Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today she was locs freshly washed
And newly twisted
Ponytail with a head band
Hello Kitty necklace, on
Nails, hot pink
Bonnie bell lip gloss, strawberry
Toast, heavily buttered
Socks to the knees
And a pair of Nikes
An only offspring
With half siblings
A father less child
with too many parents
She is parenting the caretakers
More mature than her mother
Wiser than her elders
And yet, it is a big World
And she is still so small
I hate to see her get out of the car
Weekend bag, packed
and school back pack on her shoulder
She is strong
Today is Friday
She has a long way to go
She has a journey ahead of her
that will take her farther than I've ever gone
Last longer than I will live to see
Make her into someone I haven't imagined
And the planet has never known
It is scary
Life, with it's teeth
The city, with all its weapons
The untamed days with galloping hooves
And all their many wings

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