Sunday, April 18, 2010

10/30: To the Treacherous Bit of Technology that Ate a Poem I was Beginning to Love

Like a man
I stroked a spark
into your glitch of a memory
Trusted you to keep it
You vessel
You well
You empty thing
Useful only
To be poured into
Transcribed upon
Prettied with my logic
Adorned with a narrative
of World history, as I remember it
Without it you were unattractive
Vapid before I branded you
Dead before I plugged you in
And you
Ungrateful bitch
Hinted at safe keeping
Absorbed the sleeping fetus
Once my back was turned
Dissolved it as if it would not be missed
When I left you alone for one minute
When I found out what you did,
I searched you to find it
The whites of ur eyes, a blank screen with no iris
Stared back at me, unable to blink
You want me to think it was an accident
A miscarriage
But it was too clean to believe
Where is the trail of blood
The alphabet of body parts
In pile at your feet, still warm
From your body
Prove to me you didn't dig in
Nearly elbow deep
Wire hanger ready
Scrape, scrape, scraping away
At what I made

You will never admit what you did
You keep secrets, just like a woman

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