Thursday, June 2, 2016


I should literally be writing one of like 20 essays that are supposed to go in a book I'm co-writing with my bestie about black feminist theology that's supposed to have the first draft done in about 6 weeks, right now. I have a grand total of no essays done, thus far. I'm halfway done with 2. Yeah, I should be working on that right now. Simultaneously, as I'm typing this my 2 year old is harassing me  into having make-believe conversations with her imaginary friends on an old iPod that she's calling "her phone". She's also making me "take pictures" with her "phone". Oh, now she's combing my hair with a plastic spork. It's all happening over here right now.

I've been meaning to write a blog entry basically all year. I feel like I say this every time I return to this blog. But ya'll don't know my life. I'm currently working 2 jobs and in school full time. I'm is tired. But what I popped in here to say is, "I'm is happy."

The past 33 days have legit been some of the happiest days I've had in years. Nigga, years. And despite the fact that I'm overwhelmed and feel like I've been run over by a train most of the time, I also feel very fulfilled and accomplished. I have about 1,000 things that I'm working on and I hope to be able to share them all here as they're happening in the near future. I've been reconnecting with friends. As I've mentioned, I've been writing. I've been performing again. I'm planning trips. I'm being a boss bitch. It's a wonderful time. When I actually manage to make time to sleep, I sleep well. I'm in good health. There are so many good things on the horizon.

I feel like I've come back to myself. I write all of this to say that if you're feeling not so great, unfulfilled, burdened, and/or lack optimism, there's hope. I think that you can change things and I believe in your ability to do so. It's not magic, though I do have the black girl kind. What it is is making the decision to unburden yourself, advocate for yourself, and perhaps do the complete opposite of what you've done. It's breakthrough time.

Actually, it's bedtime. But I have a school assignment to do. I shall be back to share. Soon, I promise.

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