Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tha Thing I Have in Common with Asian Men

Monday morning, I was watching The Today Show, which is basically whut I do every morning during tha week, cause Matt Lauer is tha muthafuckin man. It just so happened that on this particular Monday morning, the families of two American Journalists that are currently being held in North Korea were on tha show being interviewed. Apparently Laura Ling and Euna Lee were arrested in North Korea on March 17th and are charged with crossing the North Korean border from China along with other unspecified "hostile acts." They go to trial tomorrow and of course, just like their families and so many others that are familiar with this incident, I am hoping that these women will soon be released and allowed to come back home.

As a side point, Laura Ling is sister to Lisa Ling, who also is a reporter, whom I enjoy very much. You may remember she had a brief stint on The View or perhaps you're familiar with her appearances on Oprah. None of this is relevant to whut tha actual point of why I'm writing this blog, but...whutever.

Okay, on to my observation.

Here are tha families of tha imprisoned women...

Now... notice tha two white men on tha back row? Yes? You may (or may not, depending on how you've been socialized) be surprised to find out that those are the women's husbands. Surprise, surprise! Two Asian women are married to White men!

And with that observation I thought, "Wow, black women aren't tha only ones who are hated by tha opposite sex of their racial/ethnic group and often deserted for tha prospect of white booty!" ...and at once, I felt irrevocably bonded to Asian men all over tha World.


  1. lol, and matt lauer's abs rule them all...

  2. How very observant of you. Did you know that there are many groups/forums on the topic of Asian Men and Black Women (AMBW)? Oh there, I know. There are usually more Black women in these things than Asian men, though. Even Asian men have prospect for white booty. You do have my sentinments though...Us Asian men and you Black women tend to be at the bottom of the dating pool in America's racist depiction of love, romance and relationships. Of course, if you've watched any Asian or Black film, you'd know better. ;)

  3. Hated? hmmm okay.

    I feel the observation though. Keep eatin' dem carrots.

  4. I been on that. They like them some white men.

  5. so, you are bothered?

  6. Laura Ling (Lisa Ling's older more successful sister) keeps it real with her asian husband.