Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Whut's About to Happen

So, yeah, I've fallen off my blogging a little bit. So whut. I think you needed this time to detox from all tha mess and ridiculum that I pride myself on sharing with tha World. Its time to be serious. Well, not all tha way, cause I don't even think complete seriousness in this forum is a reality...Its time to be MORE serious. "Why?" you may ask. Well, cause it's about to be National Poetry Month, bitches! So whut's about to happen (for tha second year in a row) is I'm gonna join poets all over tha country in challenging myself to write a poem a day. Tha idea isn't so much that it's a complete, perfect poem, but really that it's a first draft. Expect it to be posted here by midnight every night. Some of them might be long...more than likely most will be short. Some may be really "deep" and/or esoteric. Some may be funny. Most of them will probably suck. And then, when April is over, it'll be back to our regularly scheduled mayhem, mischief, and general fuckery. Happy poem-ing!

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